Google Pixel 2 Midnight Fabric Mobile Phone Case Review – 6 Months Later

Having just purchased the (still) gorgeous Google Pixel 2 XL back in November i also decided to protect the phone with one of Googles expensive fabric cases. Having bought the black and white version of the Pixel 2 XL with its coral power button i opted for the Midnight case which looks like how i imagine the sky in William Gibson’s Neuromancer looks.

Check out my un-boxing video below.

At the time there was concern that the case would get dyed in your pocket and despite having a bit of a lip on the front how it would protect your phone’s screen.

I’m happy to say that the Pixel 2 Midnight fabric case has performed brilliantly. Despite a few drops (face, edge and back) and being almost permanently stuffed into my jeans pocket there’s little signs of any scuffing on the fabric even on high wear areas like the edges and finger print scanner cut-out. Its also retained its colour well and shows no sign of being dyed blue or black. The screen of the phone remains unscratched save for one time i accidentally pocketed it in with multiple bunch of keys resulting in a small 0.5cm scratch near the ear speaker.

As with any 6 month old mobile phone case, the case is getting dirty. However, i’ve found fabric stain remover works well.

Overall a worthy purchase and highly recommended.

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