Thinkpad – A Tale of A Great & Terrible eBay Purchases (t440s & x240)

Buying a used Thinkpad on eBay is not without its risks as i found out buying two within a few weeks of each other from different vendors. Heres how my last 2 weeks have panned out.

eBay is a Great Way to Buy a Used Lenovo Thinkpad T440s

I’ve written before on why I decided to buy the Lenovo Thinkpad t440s from eBay. Once i confirmed the t440s has a FHD screen (the only sticking point)  the process was seamless. I got a great deal. And the spec was better than advertised however despite being listed as “Grade A” there was some significant wear on the trackpad, keyboard and the bottom case had a crack near the power connector. This aside, all in all a great experience.

Log into eBay > Search “t440s” > Sort by “Buy it Now” > Filter “Low to High” > Click Listing > Add to Basket > Checkout.

eBay is a Terrible Way to Buy a Used Lenovo Thinkpad x240

Having been impressed with the t440s which was intended for general use by the family i decided to treat myself and get a similar spec’d Lenovo Thinkpad x240 which is the smaller 12in version of the t440s. Expecting much the same i stumbled across a bargain, a fully working x240 Thinkpad for just £100, a price close to that of broken or fixer-upper Thinkpads with no screen, bezel, hdd, battery or ram.

Unlike the t440s I wasn’t worried too much about the spec as this time i opted for a low resolution screen (720p) and expected everything else to be as advertised.

What arrived was a nice looking laptop with minimal wear and all in all great condition however on first boot all was not as it seemed. I couldn’t use the keyboard… it beeped and the capslock button flashed when pressed but no typing occurred meaning i couldnt go through the windows setup process.

Luckily the mouse worked so some fiddling with onscreen keyboard to get wifi access and some windows updates later and a lot of restarts and the keyboard began to work. However still not correctly in bios meaning i couldnt access any settings.

On further inspection i noticed the internal battery was missing netting me a £25 reduction in price and another trip to ebay.

As time progressed the keyboard issue resurfaced with me needing to mash random keys after every reset to get them to register. This process became shorter if i initiated the install of keyboard drivers literally clicking the icon but not going through the install process – wierd.


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